Four Elements Collection

Once upon a time there was an alchemist. He used to convert unprecious metals into gold with his secret formula by using air, water, earth and fire elements. For the formula to work as the four elements has to be used in a balance, if one of the elements has been used more or less, the formula would not work. In literature, actually the alchemist represents the human soul and four elements represent the soul’s features.

The human being who reaches to the top of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramide, is the one who realizes himself/herself meaning who has converted into gold. As a moral of the story, with the Birth Chart the human being whose compass has been put into his pocket by completing the missing elements in his life or completing his missing parts can turn into gold with this self realization.

Four Elements Collection by using each symbol of the four elements or by using their natural precious gemstones, gives you the opportunity to polish yourselves, has been designed with this philosophy.

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