About Zeyze Jewelery

About Zeyze Jewelery®

Zeyze is a registered trademark® of Zeyze Fashion Design and International Trading (for further info pls. visit www.zeyze.com). The founder of Zeyze®, Mrs. Zeynep Atay Eriş has been in fashion industry since 2001 as a sourcing agent and has the experience of working with global brands like Prada, Zegna, Marithé Francois Girbaud, Salvatore Ferragamo, Diesel, Miansai, Swarovski, Mismo etc. . As a result she has been a fashion conscious Professional and has been designing jewelry, leather accessories and shoes for a long time as a hobby.

Ms. Zeynep has also been interested in Theology and Philosophy since her childhood years and had the chance to practice some spiritual methods along the years. Recently she started designing ‘The Four Elements’ Jewelry Collection with inspiration from Alchemy with the motto ‘keep the balance’.

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