Zeyze Four Elements Collection Maintenance Tips

The product you purchased from our collection is Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver, so if its maintenance and restoration is done as follows, it does not require maintenance for a long time and can be used in a healthy way.

By taking care of the plated jewelry, you can prolong its life and keep it shiny and beautiful. Here are some practices you can do:

  • Keep plated jewelry away from chemicals, oils and make-up materials. It’s a good idea to always put on your plated jewelry last after applying makeup, hairspray, and perfumes. While doing housework, remove your used plated jewelry as chemicals in soaps, detergents and cleaners can affect the coating.
  • It is very important that your hands are clean when handling plated jewellery. For this reason, we recommend that you wash your hands before putting on and taking off your jewelry.
  • You should not expose plated jewelry to chlorinated or salty water. Therefore, removing the jewelry before swimming in pools, jacuzzis or the sea will extend the life of your plated jewelry.
  • Body oils and sweat affect the gold coating. For this reason, you should wipe your jewelry as much as possible and keep it away from oils.
  • Regular cleaning of your plated jewelry is very important to prolong its life. You can clean using a mild liquid soap or a professional jewelry cleaning solution. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners during the cleaning process.
  • You should also avoid brushing or rubbing your plated jewellery; because this coating can expose the silver underneath and cause it to flake.
  • You should protect plated jewelry from friction; because this will cause the part to wear quickly and flake off. Spilling and abrasion can also occur when you fold the plated jewelry and as a result of rubbing against each other. For this reason, it would be best to wear your plated jewelry alone.

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